Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

What does "Perfect love and perfect trust" mean?  Perfect loving our "loved ones", our enemies? Perfectly trusting everyone? It would be such a beautiful world! Such a world of peace and fairness and understanding!

I've mediated on this saying for long hours, and as utopian as it would be to live in a perfect world, i think that it would change our humanity, our need to learn the lessons of life. Maybe it would make us all in the Enlightened beings. But that would be being somewhere above humanity in it's most singular sense.  It would mean becoming "gods", and as appealing as that idea is, i, personally, like to be human.

Not that i am masochistic, at least not most times. But i do love the trials of life, because only those trails change my perception. Exactly how i love the ecstasy of life, because those moments change my reality. I love the downs that show me how brilliant the ups are. I love the night and the dark, because without it, the magic of light would pass unnoticed. Joy can be born out of pain, day and light out of night and dark, hope out of despair. These extremes are the core of my humanity. Without them, i would be something else, maybe better, maybe purer, but not a human.

And in that case, what does "perfect love and perfect trust" mean?  For me, it goes beyond loving all my fellow humans, or trusting them. Which as long as i am human, is impossible in a literary sense.

Therefore, for me a perfect love of Life, makes more sense. It leaves me the liberty of totally disliking whatever i dislike- for example my enemies- but it allows me to love the life force that sustain them. It also, reminds me to love LIFE every moment, even in the moments of total despair. Because those moments have a beauty of their own.  It might be a dark, wild beauty, but is still majestic. And loving life, with it's ups and downs, with its beauty and terror, allows me to appreciate and respect every moment of it, to trust it.

Perfect trust... For me, this perfect trust means that i can trust Life... Trust it that it will take me where it needs to take me and teaching me the lessons my spirit requires... Trust that after a moment of sublime pain, with follow a moment of agonizing happiness... Trust that every end is a beginning and every beginning is an end...  Trust the cycle of life, the wheel of life as i trust the wheel of the year...

If perfect love for me means loving every single moment of this existence, perfect trust means trusting that the downs will be followed by ups, by downs, by ups... and Accepting it.

And once i am there, at this terrifying moment of truth, when i realize that the only road to the peacefulness of my soul is trough acceptance of the cycle of life, i can start loving every leaf in a tree, every whole in the road, every other human or non human. But in order to get there, at the end of the road, i first need to love and trust Life.


  1. " utopian as it would be to live in a perfect world, i think that it would change our humanity..."

    I think we have to change our humanity in order to live in a perfect world. Peace, stability, and quiet tend to generate boredom in most people. I suspect boredom was leverage for the serpent in the paradise of Christian mythology. Innocent mischief might cut the boredom for many, but eventually, someone steps over the line and trouble is born. We may have to accept that an imperfect world is perfect for (at least most of) humankind.

  2. Fair enough, Hadaig. I think I was referring more to the ups and downs that make us human, to the necessity of learning life lessons, but you have a very valid point.

  3. You reveal gratitude for life lessons. You demonstrate wisdom. You appreciate the need for contrast in order to learn. You discuss the need to experience darkness in order to appreciate the light. I merely reciprocated by noting that experiencing the light reveals an apparent need for darkness. The complementary aspect of two opposite angles of perception suggests perfection... and irony. Your essay is well written and stimulating. I apologize for not being clear about that.